Boys Noise: Warehouse Project Manchester

Boys Noize have always been on the peripherals of my musical vision so to speak. Liked what I heard, but hadn’t heard a lot, so when I got the chance to see them at WHP, I figured why the hell not. Best way to get to know them would be in a live setting anyway.

Walking through those plastic flaps to the sounds of Brodinski, I knew this was gonna be a good night. His set was a perfect way to bring the crowd up and I was glad that I had brought my dancing shoes! The visuals going on around him were pretty fun as well. A great visual and aural treat.

Next up, Erol Alkan. I was blown away. He just didn’t let up for the entire set. Throwing out superb electro that the crowd just ate up. I really thought that Boys Noize would have a difficult time topping what had just gone down.

Boys Noize might have had a hard act to follow, but from the first beat he was on it. Seeing a few hundred people sitting down as he droped the beat, only to have them all jump back up as he brought it back was a pretty special thing to see, and even more fun to be a part of it. That was one of the many highlights of his set. Another was when the entire crowd sang ‘Da Funk’ whilst just the beat played. Unreal.

It was with a heavy heart that I left Store Street in the morning, knowing that it was possibly my last night there. If it was, then the BNR night was a bloody good send off to a great venue.

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