Bowling For Soup: O2 Academy, Leeds

Tonight Bowling for Soup had Leeds in the palm of their hands. Despite a minor technical glitch in which Bowling for Soup blew up the PA through the power of their pop punk. The band carried on regardless and charged through a blistering set of hits and even included a melody of pop punk favourites by their own contemporaries and comrades.

Not only was it a nostalgic trip through my own youth, it was great to see how they had drawn in the youth of today and them back live too.

All throughout the gig the band reinforced with conviction that they are the twisted punk rock reincarnation of Peter Pan and the lost boys. As they launched into each song with exuberant energy and projectiled vomited their tongue in cheek humour in between songs. Bowling for Soup are the pop punk rockers that never grew up!

The short intermission where the group stopped ‘Punk Rock 101’ pre chorus to get a drink from their own onstage bar was a hilarious bowl of genius. As the band downed their drinks to ‘Yankee Rose’ by David Lee Roth. The stage erupted with smoke and into a stage show fit for a stadium not a academy.

Their humour is definitely one of their strongest qualities alongside the string of hits from ‘1985’ to ‘Emily’ that they have in their bowling ball bag. Their music on the other hand is irresistibly catchy. While Kiss said they filtered the pop sensibilities through hard rock. To me Bowling for Soup subvert the melodies of The Beatles and those classic bands through pop punk and give the lyrics a tongue in cheek twist. As I said earlier it’s great to see them back.

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