Black Lips, Plague Vendor and Best Friends: The Harley, Sheffield

Pandemonium struck The Harley as the eagerly awaited Black Lips put on a memorable, atmospheric night to remember. After 3 long years, the Georgia based band finally released their album, Underneath the Rainbow, through the record label Vice.

With mixed opinions on the release, the band was out to prove that they can still put on a royal shindig. The night was opened by a tight performance from local garage band Best Friends, the crowd responded well and the anticipation was growing. The second support act, Plague Vendors, seemed an unusual choice, but never the less an extremely enthusiastic, captivating performance was thrust upon the people of the Harley.

Finally the moment arrived, the red curtain was drawn and the Black Lips were underway. Straight from the off, the crowd was elated. Crowd surfers seemed more common than songs. The start of the set was centered around newer material, but as the night progressed so did the atmosphere with more and more fan favourites, mainly from the album Good Bad Not Evil, finding their way into the set list. After finishing the initial performance with their most famous song, Bad Kids, they came back out with a 3 song encore leaving everyone in the crowd satisfied.

I would like to say that the crowd raised the roof, however as one crowd surfer learnt that night, the Harley has a pretty hard roof. So, maybe a more appropriate phrase is; “the crowd hit the roof with force, spilled their drinks down themselves and bounced back with an equally great force.”

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