Art Brut and Bloodbare: The Plug, Sheffield

With echoes of being told Art Brut are a ‘bit mental live’ and having attempted to listen to them it made sense to see what all the fuss was about. Having been around for the last eight years the band have had a few twists and turns that haven’t always fallen in their favour, but on the back of their Brilliant Tragic album released in May this year it seems that they are still playing live and whoring their trade to those that will listen.

Bloodbare gently enter us in tonight. This teenage Sheffield five-piece have maturity to their tender years with the music they play. A total relief when compared to their teen peers around at the moment. Gently being lulled in with sound shifting tracks that fuse a mixture of bass and beats with catchy guitar riffs then topping it off with Joseph Horsey’s vocals it’s something quite alluring and special. As they ease into their performance it’s pretty safe to stay that these guys have the potential to be something huge. Stand out track, aside from the unnamed one about the baby who wears Ugg boots, is Spiders. Spiders, is hypnotic track with its low edges that build into a mass of beats with haunting vocals simply, magical stuff.

So on to Art Brut, as they open their set it seems the whole crowd are chanting along with Eddie Argos. It’s quite surreal in a comic sans way. As they draw in and out of tracks seemingly recalling anecdotal narratives of life and times Argos weaves himself all over the stage. He remarks on the success of the gig and how he bought all the tickets for it on Ticketmaster so it would look busier than it was, in fairness it was a good sized who were falling into every word the man said.

Art Brut are one of those ‘experimental’ type post modern punkish bands though without a lot of the punk. There were loud sounds, quiet spaces and then more noises which were over vocalised throughout.

The crowd until the end were still hanging on every line were more than enthusiastic, as for me it went over my head still it was entertaining all the same.

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