Anonymous: The Grand Clitheroe

I went to see ‘Anonymous’ who having been a support band previously at this monthly event had now been asked back as the headline band.

There was definitely an air of anticipation as the second support band finished their set, and the local contingent cheered Anonymous on to the stage. Anonymous took control of the stage, the crowd, and they had presence and charisma that is a definite requirement of today’s bands if you want to be a marketable commodity.

The set consisted of a happy mix of their own creations along with a handful of covers such as … U2 – Vertigo, Red Hot Chilli Peppers – By the way, Rage Against The Machine – Killing In the Name and their own adaptation of Pendulum’s – Propane Nightmares! Anonymous inserted their own personality into the music, the set was nicely balanced and, yes entertaining, and in the ‘The Grand’s own words ‘rocked’, it was over too soon and the crowd dispersed!

For such a young band there could be hope of fame and fortune as tough as the industry is – so hopefully they have updated their MySpace and you can check them out for yourselves.

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