AlunaGeorge, Mausi and Tiny Dancer: Plug, Sheffield

Think of two words that contrast with each other? Invariably people come up with night and day or rich and poor. Well in terms of names, Aluna and George is as contrasting as it gets…Opposite do attract however, and in the case of this electro pop duo they certainly do.

Their blend of electro beats mixed with catchy pop vocals is a formula that has garnered much attention across the music scene this year. So much so that Mercury prize nominees Disclosure, featured them on their song ‘White Noise.’ I’m betting my mortgage (if I had one) that you’ve probably heard it at some point.

Aluna with her own unique style wearing a bandana, crop shorts and vest owns the stage (well not literally) with an air of swagger which is important in this era of ‘selfies’ that keeps the crowd interested firmly on her. You get the impression George is happy for Aluna to take centre stage while he nonchantly takes care of production. Their own version of Montell Jordan’s ‘This Is How We Do It’ was a highlight showing their ability to remix a classic tune, and stamp their own authority in the form of sassy vocals and rapturing beats.

Likewise, their promiscuous song ‘You Know You Like It’ with its slick production and sexual lyrical overtone was a crowd pleaser especially with the girls. One girl in particular enjoyed it too much, seemingly trying to attract a guy’s attention only for his girlfriend to reappear with their drinks. I think he liked it aswell (the song I mean.)

Back to the opposites attract theory. The duo showed their versatility with their track ‘Attracting Flies’ which is they biggest hit to date and probably their best. The song is the most polished, with intricate melodies against a punchy backdrop of whistling synths alongside Aluna’s angelic vocals of ‘everything you exhale is attracting flies.’ That guy should probably take note.

The gig ended with yeah you guessed it ‘White Noise’ but as it’s both their breakthrough and sole track I have on my iPod, it meant everyone left for home happy.

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