All Time Low, The Maine and We Are The In Crowd: O2 Academy, Sheffield

When you hear a scream it’s usually a case of trouble or pure excitement, fortunately for our trio of bands tonight it was the latter. With a hyped up sell out, mainly teen, crowd ready for a night of pop punk delight and ‘rock star’ jumps it was ready, set and go for bass straps low and a soundtrack to what could be the next E4 American teen drama.

Hitting the stage first, to a deafening wall of noise, We Are The In Crowd simply got the crowd bouncing with Rumor Mill. Lead singer, Taylor Jardine, could be affirmed as the next Avril Lavigne type but it’s safe to say she’s with the band. As Jardine and guitarist Jordan Eckes fused their way through their repertoire mainly from their debut album, Best Intentions, there were hints of teenage angst and pop punk/emo twang.  A jam packed energetic set from the New York five piece which left a hard job to follow from the main support, The Maine.

It seems we missed the ‘it’s the wear your skeleton suit to work day today’, as two of The Maine’s band members wore theirs, dammit! Nevertheless, the energy was still soaring as they launched into a ten song frenzy which took the audience from sheer screaming to half way to oestrogen oblivion. It was a night for the girls and we hadn’t even seen the headliners yet!

With a quick change over and a bit of pause we were told that All Time Low wouldn’t show unless the crowd screamed for their favourite band, which it seems are the American boy band greats The Backstreet Boys. As the crowd chanted, the atmosphere kept growing and pandemonium was almost reached as the All Time Low finally took to the stage.

Bounding around the sounds of Time Bomb we had reached epic mania, underwear was thrown, ears were pierced with deafening screams and All Time Low were rife and ready to show us what they had got. After nearly ten years together as a band, they have been through a few ups and downs and knocked their emo edge into a well rehearsed pop punk stance.

The American foursome interacted with the crowd, mainly made up of teenage girls, and stepped up the mark from their support acts but these who the hordes were here to see. Vigorously weaving their way through a packed set list, the energy didn’t stop and nor did the swearing, it appears these guys were having a party and we were all invited. Highlights came from I Feel Like Dancin’, Guts and closing song Dear Maria, Count Me in.

I admit I was a little bit shaken after witnessing what was on show tonight it was pure passion on so many levels. All Time Low and Co captivated the audience from start to finish. It certainly was a night to remember for so many people on so many levels.

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