65daysofstatic and Thought Forms: The Foundry, Sheffield University

There’s that feeling when you enter a venue and it’s a bit like walking into a wall of sound. The feeling that intrigues you into wanting to hear more, this is what happened at The Foundry. Wiltshire based Thought Forms were onstage and there was an ebb of distorted noise heading our way, which sounded very little like the ‘shoe gaze’ genre they’ve been peddled under, unfortunately, we’d landed slap bang in the middle of their penultimate song but we did like what we heard.

For many people though, tonight was simply about 65daysofstatic. A homecoming gig for a band whose momentum sees no bounds with their progressive style and a constant stream of touring, it was a night that many were simply looking forward to.

Greeted with the stirring sounds of Heat Death Infinity Splitter, 65daysofstatic have already captured the audience. A band that are magnetising to watch they have the ability to draw you in to the moment. From the surreal euphoric pros of Piano Fights leading into Crash Tactics we’re surrounded by darkness and highlighted by strobes as we’re into Dance Dance Dance. The mix of silhouettes projected on the stage, the rise and fall of cinematic beats and an uplift of pure release throughout the set encompassing tracks from their recent album, Wild Light including algorithmic Prisms, the spine tingling Sleepwalk City and Taipei.

Whirling through releases over a decade since the release of their first album The Fall Of Math we were captivated by Retreat! Retreat!, Radio  Protector and Safe Passage amongst many others. Treated to an encore of the power and rawness I Swallowed Hard Like I Understood all end with the tender bleeps of AOD, we were left chills but in a good way. On leaving the venue it there was a spring in the steps of every person walking out with the look on their face that simply read as wow.

It’s hard to beat 65daysofstatic on the live front. From start to finish the audience are encapsulated by wandering soundscapes that allow the listener to take the sounds and add their own visions to the music.  Kudos to Wolinski, Shrewsbury and co, can we do this again soon?

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