Tramlines – Have One at Your Local

With a diverse range of talent performing at Tramlines from around the world it’s often easy to overlook what is going on in the city itself. The Festival is a great opportunity for local bands to reach a larger audience, and whilst several of the bands on show (Slow Club, 65daysofstatic, Hey Sholay, Net Nuns, The Crookes etc) are well known, there are many other bands equally worth your time. This year, why not make the extra effort to check-out what Sheffield has to offer?

Blessa – Saturday – Bowery – 8.30pm / Sunday – Bungalows – 10pm

Blessa’s sound just keeps on developing. They’ve always shown great promise and the ability to write an infectious tune, but they seem to just get better with time. Their music is dreamy and deserves to be heard by a much wider audience.

L’Amour des Rêves (with special guest Dave Berry) – Saturday – Gatsby – 4pm

Probably the most exciting new band in Sheffield at the moment, Jess and Tom bang out a heady mix of Mersey beat and 60’s girl group sounds

Toucans – Friday – Audacious Artspace –

Whether in the bedroom, or with a more expansive line-up, Toucans take a deeply American acoustic sound, layer it with vocal reverb and sprinkle on a little fairy dust. The results are rather magical.

Oxo Foxo – Friday – Cathedral – 7pm

Reprising her wonderful performance in the Cathedral last year, Oxo Foxo is back in the more intimate St George’s Chapel. It will be a wonderful way to kick-off your weekend.

Best Friends – Friday – Forum – 9.45pm

Combining garage and surf-pop, Best Friends have been one of Sheffield’s most impressive new bands for a while now. They are great live and a band well worth seeing if you get the chance.

Early Cartographers – Saturday – The Folk Forest 1pm / Sunday – The Forum – 9pm/ Sunday – The Riverside – 5.10 pm

Sheffield has a number of richly talented musicians and sometimes they come together to form something a bit special. Early Cartographers are an ever-revolving folk collective with a penchant for the outdoors.

Public School Battalion – Sunday – Harley – 5pm

PSB may be an offshoot of other bands, but they make a sound which is uniquely their own.  They draw from a melting pot of influences to create off-kilter music which is edgy and absorbing.

Wooderson – Friday – Audacious Artspace/ Saturday – Gatsby – 5pm / Washington – 9pm

Tthey’vebeen around on and off for several years now but the post-punk quartet have consistently been the leading light of the Sheffield DIY scene. They are always good value live.

Without Feathers – Friday – City Hall – 9pm

Nat Johnson, Emma Kupa and Rory McVicar team up for a new project. Whilst they all draw heavily from their previous work, their sound is something very different; beautifully complimenting each other.

Flaming Skulls – Saturday – Bowery – 12.30 am

Ross Orton and Mairead O’ Connor will both be familiar names to a lot of people, but together they make a right racket as Flaming Skulls. He bangs, she strums and sings. It’s a contortion of rock, garage and indie.

Algiers – Sunday – Bowery – 9pm

The duo has been elusive for a while now, but are thankfully back for a rare appearance. Angular guitar melds with thumping drums, all overlaid with melodic vocals.

Che Ga Zebra – Friday – Audacious Artspace –

They may only be half of Wooderson, but Loic and Ben still make one hell of a racket as a duo. Expect sporadic noise rock mixed in with a few more introspective moments, and they will be having a lot of fun as well.

See Emily Play – Saturday -Weston Park – 4pm / Sunday – SOYO – 4pm

Emily Ireland is a very talented singer songwriter, and for her performance in Weston Park she will be joined by the Stannington Brass Band (aptly in the band stand)

Nai Harvest – Saturday – DQ – 8.30pm

Nai Harvest are another duo who punch above their numbers. They’re just back from a European tour, and expect them to rip Sheffield a new anthemic/emotive punk one.

Captives on the Carousel – Saturday – The Folk Forest – 2pm / Saturday – Cathedral (Domino Hall) – 6.30pm

Captives on the Carousel play folk originals on cello and guitar, telling stories of enchantment and dark goings on… Haunting strings and poetic lyrics inspired by Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen draw you into a world of mystery and magic.

The Little Mesters Label Showcase – Saturday – The Folk Forest – 3pm

The LMRC are a collective of talented local artists. They will be putting on a very special performance of Fairport Convention’s Life & Liege. Some of the musicians taking part will be: Oxo Foxo, Robert George Saull, Nick Maldini, Jim Ghedi and Neal Heppleston

High Hazels – Saturday – Cathedral – 3pm / Saturday – Weston Park – 5pm / Shakespeare’s – Saturday – 9pm / Sunday – Bowery – 3pm

It’s not often a new band arrives whose sound has some much maturity and they are beginning to justify the initial hype surrounding them. Whilst their sound may hark back to another era, they have a freshness and energy about them.

Brave New Storm – Friday – Red House – 11.20pm / Saturday – Academy 2 – 2.30pm / Saturday – Shakespeare’s – 8pm / Sunday – Riverside – 5.55pm

Brave New Storm mix vocal harmonies and delicate musicianship to create timeless music which feels both fresh and strangely familiar. They pay their dues to traditional folk music whilst treading their own path.

The Nose – Sunday – Bowery – 2pm

Both Neil McSweeney and David J Roch have been mainstays of the Sheffield music scene for years now. They join forces for another Tramlines performance.

Always check your times. Things tend to change.

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