Sensoria 2013

[wide]71422 598855150127368 990180601 n | Sensoria 2013[/wide] Based in Sheffield, Sensoria is a festival of music, art and film which doesn’t play by the rules. With the emphasis on innovation and experimentation, and spanning over four days, Sensoria aims to be both informal and informative; celebrating the creativity and talent Sheffield has to offer whilst also looking further afield. The festival itself is characterised by the cross-over between and across the Arts spectrum.

Taking place between 26th and 29th September, some of the highlights of the festival include:


I Thought I Heard a Sound – Castle House – 28th September

I Thought I Heard A Sound examines the strange, psychedelic and visionary elements of folklore and traditional music. Trembling Bells are heading the line-up of live music, ably supported by Sharron Krauss and C Joynes. There will be a rare screening of cult classic The Stone Tape, art from Arianne Churchman, DJ sets from Folklore Tapes and Mark Goodall and a panel discussion.

Music and Live Art at Bank Street – Banks Street Arts – 27th September

Laura J Martin, The Payroll Union and Jim Ghedi have partnered up with artists (Jess Swainson, Samuel Paul Skillington and Keith How respectively) to create a unique event with live art being created in response to each musician’s set.

Now You Will Listen – Lantern Theatre – 29th September

Musician/writer Mick Somerset Ward and Dean and Jarrod of I Monster have worked to create an illustrated audio visual book of short horror stories and surreal poetry. Narrated by prominent names from music and film, the performance will be soundtracked by a myriad of musical accompaniment.


The Broken Circle Breakdown – Showroom Cinema – 26th September

Elise and Didier fall in love at first sight, in spite of their differences. He talks, she listens. He’s a romantic atheist, she’s a religious realist. They come together over their common love of Bluegrass, but when their daughter becomes seriously ill, their love is put on trial. This is the UK premiere of the film.

City Centre Drive-In: American Graffiti – Sylvester Street Car Park – 29th September

Harking back to a time when George Lucas was part of a group of talented young American directors, American Graffiti is arguably his best film. This is a unique opportunity to experience the authentic American driver-in experience (I suggest putting the roof up) in Sheffield.

The Wicker Man: The Final Cut – Furnace Park – 27th September

To celebrate the first night of the theatrical release of the final cut of Wicker Man, there is a special outdoor screening of the horror classic at Furnace Park. Experience the Equaliser getting equalised in the eerie surrounding of the newly reclaimed space.

For full listings and further information visit the Sensoria site

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