Detestival: 30th-31st March 2013

THE boutique festival for 2013 has to be Detestival, curated by Wet Nuns this is a self-admitted ‘selfish’ attempt to see some of the bands they love, hate or have played with live. Held over two days and in association with Kraken Rum and Throng Of Nobs the monster line up features Wolf People, Bo Ningen, Hookworms, Throne, Dry Heaves, Black Moth, Blood Sport, Hawk Eyes, Toy, Temples, Kult Country, John J Presley, Salem Rages and Temple of Coke.

Set in the function room of a working man’s club complete with sparkly curtain the weekend is set to go off like a tinnitus inducing sweat infused glitter bomb, it’s not one for the faint hearted.

Festival low down

Location: Queens Social Club, Sheffield.

How to get to site: 5 minute walk from the train station, bus, or car.

Beer Prices/ Selection: Around £3.00 a pint, there’s a minimal but strong selection and expect plenty of rum as it’s sponsored by Kraken.

Campsite: None, but there are a variety of hotels locally.

Clientele: Expect beards, tattoos and skinny jeans.

Acts that have played before: None it’s brand new!

Other stuff to do: Aside from crowd surfing, falling over, rocking, rolling, drinking beer and getting messy very little.

Ticket Prices: Weekend tickets £14, day tickets £10.

Security Staff: Friendly and fair.

Toilets: There are actual proper toilets, but do expect a 1970’s theme when venturing in to spend a penny.

Our Picks: Black Moth, Blood Sport, Temple of Coke and Wet Nuns.

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