There are five of them – Miles (sax, synth), Tom (vox, guitar), Jambo (drums), Fred (vox, guitar), Jack (bass). It’s been that way for about 18 months now.

Q. Who formed the band and did you know each other before?
Jack and Fred were making music for a while I think. Me and Jambo somehow got involved and then Miles heard us from next door and wanted in.

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Q. Your lyrics are pretty unusual – where do you find your inspiration?
Anger, frustration, self loathing, all the usual stuff. There’s a great deal to be really angry about, and I think its really important to get people together to dance and sweat that anger out. Righteous communal frustration being vented is a powerful thing.

Q. When you are writing songs do you imagine how they would sound recorded or played live and which is more important to you?
Well i guess you have to think about how its gonna come across live primarily. Most songs we write start out one way, and over time get faster and more aggressive. I think you gotta put your songs through their paces before you can really figure out how they’re gonna sound recorded. Ideally on record we try and capture the live feel, and live we try and play something that’s worth putting on record. The real and only question you gotta ask when writing a song is “does it bang tho?”

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Q. In terms of your own individual music tastes are they similar to each other or not and how does that effect the band’s sound?
There’s a large crossover but they’re all pretty varied, id say there’s a big venn diagram of the 5 of us, with ABBA in the middle. Coming from 5 different points of origin gives us some elasticity certainly, it also makes for some frustration when your trying to work out who to rip off.

Q. What makes you gel as a band, is there hobby or an interest that you all have in common?
Cooking shows BIG TIME, Gregg and Todds’s respective kitchens are a favorite, Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares wrote the book on punk rock.

Q. If your music was an animal which animal would it be?
A pigeon. Donny Tourette is also a big inspiration.

Q. In 30 years time if you were to be shown on an ‘I love 2016’ nostalgia programme, how do you think you would be described?
As handsome smart young boys, or possibly smart handsome young boys.

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Q. You have just released ‘International Waters’, how interested and involved are you in the production side of recording?
We’re all big on production, Jack especially, when its your own stuff its good to have another set of ears tho. MJ (who produced international waters) is a super sweet friend and does a lot of rad work. if your looking to get sommat done good, MJ at suburban home studio is your man.

Q. You’ve played in a lot of different venues and city – which was the best?
ADM in Amsterdam was an absolute dream, its a huge beautiful squat in a wooded harbor, lovely passionate people too, Labokube in Brussels was nuts also, sick little venue, lotsa stairs tho. They really treat you good in Europe, hopefully we’ll be back soon, visas pending.

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Q. What can we expect to see next from ZoZo?

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