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Ahead of their show at Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, we met up with an emerging act with a bright future, The Hunna. We chatted to bassist Jermaine “The Prince” Angin, guitarist and vocalist Ryan “Valentino” Potter, drummer Jack Metcalfe and lead guitarist “Bandana-Dan” Dorney in their dressing room as they prepared for the gig. At this point the band are just over a week into their tour and Ryan and Dan are both wearing sunglasses as a result from being up until 7am the previous night in Glasgow. After a night that involved visits to two casinos Jack’s recollection was that “we were up until 7 watching the news.”

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Ryan has been really pleased with the tour so far “It’s going incredible, every night is really really good, all the fans are really excited for the show. So every night has been really cool meeting them afterwards, so for our first headline tour it’s been lit! which is good. Every night so far has been crazy so Leeds should be pretty lit.”

The Hunna are no strangers to Yorkshire and have done previous gigs in Leeds as Ryan reminisced “The first time we played Leeds we were supporting Coasts on their tour, the fans were amazing then and they didn’t even know us. We’ve got fond memories of Leeds” The whole band then shared a collective memory by chanting “LEEDS! you what! you what!” Jack added “There’s almost like romantic mosh pits.”

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The band have packed a lot into their fledgling career, Dan talked us through how the band came into being. “I met Ryan at college, at 16, we were on like a music practise course. Then we met Jack and Jack asked Jermaine to play bass and Jermaine said he would do it. His first gig was a sold-out Barfly show in London.” Jack then picks up the story. “We are all local to each other, I knew of them but didn’t know them know them. I have known Jermaine since year two.” This was only three years ago and the bands stock has continually and rapidly risen ever since. This is in part due to their dedication and work ethic, Dan said “we spent a year and a half almost just writing, we weren’t gigging, we didn’t have a name, it was all about the material.”

I wanted to know the story behind their unique name Jack explained “For us it’s just ‘one hundred’, we are massive Hip-Hop fans, so you know ‘hunna’ has been lurking around a lot because we say ‘one hunna’ all the time. Then we just thought it would be powerful to put ‘The’ in front of it, and then that was job done basically. Keep in one hunna man!”

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Their rapid rise would have taken any young band by surprise but as Ryan told me they were in some ways prepared for it. “Because we had been writing for so long and preparing we knew that when it came out it was going to be good, the songs were good, but for it to have blown up so quickly and the reaction online has been crazy. I mean it’s an absolute blessing because we have waited so long to do it so the fact that we are in this position we are not taking it for granted and we are going to absolutely smash it.” Dan concurred “No word of a lie man we have worked really hard for this, we’ve grinded, really grinded, still grinding. It’s not all fun and games.”

Their expanding notoriety has the potential to add pressure Dan expressed how they are currently handling the hype surrounding them. “It excites me personally, because we worked so hard for this it feels deserved” Jermaine adds “you don’t really have enough time to take it all in, you just embrace it.” Ryan then gives some insight into their manic schedule, “We just take it in our stride really, there’s just so much going on, one week we are in Europe then as soon as you get back from Europe you’re in the studio, then as soon as we are finished in the studio we are on this tour. Then back in the studio, then as soon as that finishes, back on tour. We haven’t been to America yet but we are going in June. Just had a Skype call with our label out there who we have signed with, 300 Entertainment.” Dan’s thoughts on the current tour were “This tour is a massive achievement for us, really proud of ourselves for this sold-out UK tour.”

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After the success of their EP’s a full length album is in the pipeline, due in August, which they will be recording as soon as they come off tour. Ryan said we can expect “real good rock music, made by four guys that just love music and love doing it together.” Dan interjected “The content of the songs are just real, we write about real shit, like ‘We could be’, for example, is about getting fucked over by A&R and management and them wasting your time, good topics, it’s interesting.”

Their latest single ‘You & Me’ is out now, Ryan explained the story behind the track. “It’s dope! it’s about us being the band, people saying negative stuff, us pursuing it, turning it around, the fans being awesome.” Tickets are also available now for their next UK tour and as Ryan so aptly put it “tickets are out! so why are you even reading this, you don’t even need to be reading this anymore, tickets are out go and get them!”

For all tour dates and release information check out the band on Facebook.

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