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Ahead of the release of their video for the single ‘Between Each Brick’, we took The Golden Age Of TV for a coffee and to browse the vinyl at Single Shot in Leeds. The Golden Age Of TV are currently one of the brightest acts emerging from Leeds, gaining some very notable support from credible outlets. We sat down with drummer Josh Ketch, bassist Andrew Edwards, singer Bea Fletcher and guitarists Sam Carty and Ryan Bird to discuss all things The Golden Age Of TV.


Andrew talked us through how the band formed at Leeds University; “we had all been working together for a good three years. One day Sam was going to audition for one of the projects I was in, he didn’t make the audition which breaks his heart to this day. After I went up to him and said look, I want to start a band with you, I actually want to do something official with you rather than just having these fleeting meetings with you. So, we put together names of who we wanted in the band and we had this almost identical list of people we had worked with and who we wanted to create with.” Ryan then added some extra layers of detail, “We were all interested in each other’s projects, we knew what each of us were capable of and we wanted to see what it would be like when we put it all together.”

02 20170110 The Golden Age of TV Andrew Benge | The Golden Age Of TV

After discovering that both individually and collectively the band have a huge range of influences which include Bjork, Kimya Dawson, Radiohead, J Dilla, Meatloaf, Beach Boys, Bon Iver and LCD Soundsystem, Ryan then went on to describe how they make their wide-ranging styles fit together. “Each of our own projects have influenced what we make now, if I was to bring a song in, or if Andrew was to bring a song in, it might sound how you would expect it from us in a solo respect, but once we give it to the rest of the band it becomes this whole new thing.” Andrew gave us a specific example of this, “We have this one song that Ryan brought in that started out as a quite slow, beautiful, six eight tune, but we turned it into this super colourful, hyper-funk, groove tune.” Bea then added “It’s such a variety, people always comment on my vocals over the top of everyone else, because you can hear everyone’s influences and then what you expect and assume the have as a vocalist in-front of a band like us I’m just not! My voice is really soft and sort of floats and hangs around over the top.” Andrew summed it up by saying “Because we all have so many influences individually, we have such a deep pallet and that is why we are so colourful.”

03 20170110 The Golden Age of TV Andrew Benge | The Golden Age Of TV

Sam described their writing and recording process to us. “We do a lot of jamming, we end up jamming for ages and the Bea will quietly work out a part, then it turns into more of a fully-fledged thing. We jam for ages and then refine it. We do try and keep that sort of thing live as well, like a couple of tracks we have sections where we will know where it is going but there is a bit where we go a bit crazy and improvise.” I had asked if their diversity and compromise could be an inspirational metaphor for post-Brexit Britain, and after responding with “I just play Drums” Josh told us how the compromise is rarely an issue. “There is never a massive amount of compromise it’s kind of like you bring elements of the things you are into, and the things you want to bring to it, it kind of unconsciously compromises into just one giant collaboration. It just works.”

05 20170110 The Golden Age of TV Andrew Benge | The Golden Age Of TV

Bea then explained how the lyrics take form. “They come up with the melody and I will work on the lyrics in practises, but the lads do still have input on that as well. I will say what do you think about this line and they will say why don’t you use this word instead. What I feel from what the guys have done in the jam I then write about and they will respond again to that. When I come back with the lyrics, the story, that will then effect where the song goes. Some lyrics come from personal experiences but then like ‘Between Each Brick’ is from the perspective of a dead body in the earth, and that’s not a personal experience of mine. Also I have written lyrics about Television and media and things like that. I like what Sam said, and I am going to use it all the time, which was that my lyrics sound like conversational.”

06 20170110 The Golden Age of TV Andrew Benge | The Golden Age Of TV

The Golden Age Of TV are a blossoming talent, still in the fledgling stage of their career, but they have already been tipped for success in 2017 by BBC Introducing. So far, they are keeping their cards close to their chest but Andrew did tell us their plans for the coming month. “We have already started planning our next release. We are going into Greenmount Studios in a couple of weeks to record with Lee Smith, who has produced guys like The Cribs.”

07 20170110 The Golden Age of TV Andrew Benge | The Golden Age Of TV

They embrace the homegrown elements of being in a band, Bea did the illustration for the single and the band fill the stage with props during live performances. The video for ‘Between Each Brick’ is released on the 20th of January and you can watch it below. The Golden Age Of TV have plenty more exciting announcements to make in the future and they recommend that you keep an eye on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates.

A big thank you to On The Wall Leeds and MEATliquor Leeds for letting us use their facilities and spaces.

10 20170110 The Golden Age of TV Andrew Benge | The Golden Age Of TV

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