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With the release of their highly anticipated third album on the 16th of September we wanted to catch up with one of the finest band ever to come out of Leeds, Sky Larkin. With so much positive press regarding the release of Motto we had a chat with them after their set at Beacons Festival. Myself, drummer Nestor and singer and guitarist Katie sat outside the press tent in the beautiful sunshine to discuss their Beacons experience, Motto and future plans.

Their set was the first set on the main stage on the Sunday of Beacons but despite Katie’s initial worries there was a large turnout for this highly regarded group. “I was mentally prepared to play to no one because it was early on the main stage on a Sunday morning which is kind of notoriously graveyardy and they had to close the site for a while this morning. So when we were setting up there was no one in the tent, and I was like this is a BIG tent to play to absolutely no one, but luckily people came, I was very proud of everyone that showed up. I’ve been there when I wanna go see a band and its Sunday morning and well you know.”

They used the gig to showcase a lot of what will be on offer in Motto and the crowd reaction to their forthcoming album material really pleased them. Nestor takes pleasure in seeing this kind of reaction “It’s nice watching someone hear them for the first time, especially in a set with older songs that they might have heard before and kind of joining the dots, it’s nice to watch that happening”.

Beacons Festival Sky Larkin 4 | Sky Larkin

I wanted to know what we can expect from their forthcoming album after their two previous albums received such critical acclaim and are loved by their fans. Nestor had been contemplating this recently “I was thinking about this the other day, because I was listening to it myself and then obviously listening to the old songs as well when practising and it kind of feels like you can hear the time between records. You can hear the same sound but progressed, we have come at the same sound but from a different angle, a different direction.” Katie agreed with that point and added “It sounds strong to me, maturity is a strange word because I am not going to turn up one day and I have grown a beard and I’m wearing a big overcoat and I’m serious. I think maturity in terms of a band is focus of direction and strength of direction, we are still the people that we are and we have stayed honest to that but the experiences we have had have galvanized us as writers. It’s stronger in every dimension, there are heavier parts, there are more delicate parts. It feels like it’s melodic and powerful without being permissive or aggressive.”

Beacons Festival Sky Larkin 1 | Sky Larkin

They have the great honour of being signed to Wichita Recordings alongside the likes of Bloc Party and The Cribs. It is an experience that they are definitely enjoying as both of them expressed their delight with how the label treats and helps them and the added kudos it gives them. Katie was glowing in her praise of Wichita “It’s wicked, especially now where to be on a label isn’t just to have like a business partner, because the potential to share information is so vast, to have an umbrella to be underneath is so powerful. In the best was possible it’s a stamp of approval which makes you feel loved”. Nestor particularly appreciated the way Wichita go about their business “It’s not that kind of idea about it being a hierarchy and the band work for the label, we know them all so well so instead of feeling like business it just feels like friends who are helping each other out really.”

Sky Larkin are on tour throughout the UK in September and their album Motto is out from the 16th of September. Their gig at Brudenell Social Club on the 23rd will be well worth checking out based on their set at Beacons and the love the new material is receiving.

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