Post War Glamour Girls

After Post War Glamour Girls created a storm on stage to equal the one that was going on outside at the time, we caught up with them as they dried out. The band were in fine spirits, mainly from the success of their set…

This was their second appearance at Beacons festival, their debut at the event was in 2012. Lead singer James Smith said that two years ago they played the exact same time slot “so I can only assume that the festival has got bigger and therefore we have, otherwise we have not progressed in two years.”

James enlightened us on why they decided to return to Beacons, “Money and being asked, the fact that it’s cool to be on the line-up isn’t it?” Bassist Alice Scott added “It’s a very Leeds orientated festival which is nice as well, so you see a lot of fellow Leeds bands around.” Drummer Ben Clyde agreed “It’s a good, well thought out line-up.”

Beacons Festival 2 | Post War Glamour Girls

James then went on a rant about just what makes a festival good, Beacons in particular. “We had and amazing time at Tramlines, and within the same breathe we had an amazing time at Live @ Leeds last year but, there is a different sort of hurdle when doing an outdoor festival and when a festival gets it right, the way in which Beacons has, it’s a beautiful thing. The rings true to the tradition aspect of what a music festival is, the minimum of what a music festival should be now is that it should be outdoors and you should be isolating yourself by being in a field. The fact that Beacons works is huge.”

Beacons Festival Post War Glamour Girls 1 | Post War Glamour Girls

BBC 6 Music have recently been playing their latest single ‘Gustave’, which came out on the 1st of September, all the band seemed pleased with this recognition and James said “It’s always great to be picked up but I think the long game is that hopefully they will get behind us long term, hopefully we can work with that an push it more but we will see how it goes.” He then added “If they pick something up and think its worth playing then it means that it’s under three and a half minutes and that is a big achievement for Post War Glamour Girls.”

They are recording their second album later in the year at Greenman Studios and from the new material they have recently previewed there is a noticeable difference to Pink Fur. James explained “We made a conscious and natural effort to not do what we did first time, so as much as we feel that we don’t want to repeat ourselves because of what people expect. We have also done it because we DON’T want to repeat ourselves, so it’s not a case of just doing something different to alienate people, its doing something different because we don’t want people to think they have got us pinned down as to what we do.” Alice added that they feel they have all matured as people since the first album and Ben concluded “You maybe optimistically think that you have honed yourself a little more.”

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