At a blustery Beacons Festival we caught up with Indiana ahead of her set. Press interest in her seemed higher than for everyone else as we waited for her to finish the multiple interviews and photo-shoots she was partaking in. As you will see from the photos she was tall and elegant but with edge and attitude, and it’s no surprise she has modelled for Belstaff in the past.

02 140809 Beacons Festival Indiana | Indiana

This was Indiana’s first appearance at Beacons Festival so I wanted to know what tempted her to join the line-up, apart from money and being asked to play. “Well the money I don’t get, that goes straight back into touring and I’ve got a band to pay, but it’s just a really cool line-up, it’s quite electronic based and the kind of thing that I’m into. It’s a cool, hip festival so it’s just kind of my thing”. As she is an emerging talent I wanted to know what people who are unaware of her can expect from her performance. In her own words she is “A girl getting lost on stage, singing some songs. Hopefully people will get lost in them with me.”

Indiana is an incredibly busy lady and has to balance touring and recording with bringing up her young children. On weekends like this she calls upon the support of her family “They are with their dad now. I’ve got a really supportive family, my mum is living with me at the minute. She has sold her house so I’ve got like a live-in nanny. It’s hard, I miss them, but at the same time it’s nice to have like two really fulfilling parts of my life, like two halves really.”

01 140809 Beacons Festival Indiana | Indiana

One element of her striking appearance is her array of tattoos which are all incredibly well done and proper works of art. I wanted to know the stories behind each one, but it turns out their weren’t any. “Not really, I just like skulls, roses are pretty, and I like lions, I like sharks but I think a shark tattoo would be really naff.”

03 140809 Beacons Festival Indiana | Indiana

Indiana’s debut album No Romeo was released on the 1st of September and you can catch her on tour in Sheffield and Manchester in October before she starts writing her next album.

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