After the release of their latest single “Lost” and ahead of their appearance at Live At Leeds Festival we interviewed Sam, Joe, Lewis and Alex from Howl to discuss their impressive career to date and what the future holds for them.

The West Yorkshire natives have been friends for a long time, Sam, who describes Howl’s sound as “Alternative hanging off the edge off a cliff,” began by telling us how they all met. “Me, Al, and Lew met at school, we later met Joe at a gig, he was playing guitar in another band and we wanted him for ourselves.” The band formerly went under the name of NGOD, Alex explained why they had now chosen Howl. “The name comes from a poem by Allen Ginsberg which I love. Also, it looks good on a t-shirt.”

They have already ticked off many career goals, both as Howl and as NGOD, in their relatively short career to date. From playing many credible festivals such as The Great Escape Festival, Festival No.6 and Y-Not Festival to touring with Kaiser Chiefs they have had a rapid rise in notoriety. Some of the band mentioned their particular career highlights so far, beginning with Joe. “Playing Transmusicales in France. Naughty festival, great atmosphere.” Lewis added “Y-Not festival was one of the first festivals we played last year and was a crazy, memorable gig.”

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The band then took us through their writing process, Lewis started us off. “The inspiration for writing comes from a lot of different areas but mainly and most importantly stimulating each other though the ideas and textures we bring to the writing process.” Sam chipped in with “We all write collectively, it starts with an idea and everyones lays their parts down.” Alex explained how they work together on the lyrics front. “Sam and myself write the lyrics, the inspiration and subject changes from song to song. But as a whole its inspired by a variety of poetry and folk lyricists. Sam then told us how he sees it “Al contributes a more poetic side whilst i contribute a sometime trashy poppy side.”

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Howl incorporates a variety of influences, Joe kicked it off by telling us what their individual influences are. “I think what gets me most is tracks or albums that create a really strong vibe and mood, right now The Clash’s Combat Rock is really doing it for me before that it was Kanye’s Yeezus.” Lewis takes a slightly different route “I’m pretty into Tom Tom Club and Talking Heads right now. Listening to a lot of groove heavy music.” While Sam is in a different area completely “At the moment i’ve been listening to loads of Moby, I don’t know if anything directly influences me I just have music that I love to listen to.”

03 20170321 Howl Danny Payne | Howl


Howl are tipped to have a very bright future, we asked if they could shed any light on what the future holds for these promising young starlets. Alex filled us in on their upcoming plans. “Over the next few months we’ll be releasing a lot of music. Playing shows and writing as much music as possible. We have some gigs and festivals coming up over the next few months. We’re all really excited to play Live At Leeds.” Lewis added “We’re also playing a festival in Holland called Water Pop which looks amazing.”

Howl’s latest single “Lost” is available now and you can catch them at the following upcoming dates:

Live At Leeds, 29th April
City Sound Project, 30th April
The Great Escape, 18th May
Water Pop, 11th August

For all things Howl, check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud.

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