Gypsy Toes

‘That’s captured it really, without a doubt. That’s a beaut. That’s really impressed me. It’s captured a side we didn’t know that we had’ Gypsy Toes lead singer Ash Goodinson tells me as he proudly shows me the photos on his iPhone taken by Mark Tighe for this interview. He can’t quite put into words what it is about the picture but by the smile on his face he knows what he is on about.

Officially formed last summer, Gypsy Toes are relatively new on the scene. Ash had previously been in the Cherokees and when things were beginning to fade there, he set about a new challenge in putting together a new band. The task actually started in 2009, with the line up completed in 2010. As stories go Ash bumped into Rob Garner at the local pub ’a chance meeting’ declares Rob, Ash continues, ‘I knew he played music, he looked a bit nervous and shy so I gave him a kiss and asked what do you do? He said I play keyboards and at that time I’d not split with the Cherokees but I’d always thought if I had a band I wanted keyboards’.

They have that big sound that’s driving and atmospheric there’s complexity in their arrangements and Ash’s vocals are hugely distinctive.

So they exchanged numbers and it wasn’t until about 12 months or so later Ash got in touch with Rob, Rob carries the story on ‘it was at that time I wanted to be in an individuals band, I’ve always played in tribute bands. I’ve always wanted my own individual band, so when it happened it felt like exactly the right thing at the right time’.

gypsystoes3email | Gypsy ToesAs time moved on members were in and out, until they settled on the line up of Ash, Rob, Andrew Dale, Ade Burgin and Mike Holland. Fast forward a few months they began getting things together. ‘It took about two months but it started happening’ exclaims Ash. The emphasis it seems was on practicing and writing, then gigging. With everything that was going on it became more difficult to sort everything out like gigs’.

It was at in the summer of 2010 that Paul Bestall got involved as manager, he pushed them forward and they really got going. ‘Last October we started properly gigging and getting more confident since then, we’ve never stopped’ Ash continues. Keeping it local at first, I’m told by Rob that one of the best gigs ‘was at Dickens in Rotherham it was a good one to start on. A lot of friends came down and we got a support slot’. It has to be noted that since then they’ve been going from strength to strength.

‘We’re knackered already’ exclaims Ash, ‘one gig every week, if not two. It’s good that we’ve got loads of gigs really, one or two a month isn’t really enough when you’re just starting out. You’ve got to work hard and get out there. It’s what we’re trying to do really.’

gypsystoesemail2 | Gypsy ToesIt has been noted that Gypsy Toes don’t just play within South Yorkshire. I’m told again by Ash that they like to ‘keep it all local then flitter out every now and again’. With recent gigs in Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and London they are certainly doing their fair share of mileage.

They’ve been described as ‘a very mysterious dynamic band’ with ‘all different types of vibes with sounds akin to Radiohead, Dépêche Mode amongst others’. Having listened to them both via recordings and live it’s actually hard to pin point them in a kind of genre. To say typically indie would be a huge faux pas. They have that big sound that’s driving and atmospheric there’s complexity in their arrangements and Ash’s vocals are hugely distinctive.

It seems that they’re acquiring a bit of support too from both other bands and from gig goers. There song Rumours has rarely been out of the Strummerville chart, which gives new bands a chance to showcase their music, over the last few months. Rumours, was debuted last year and with the help of friends Ash had previously worked with they managed to get a video produced. The video is a bit dark but it works well with the song. It’s also put plans in the pipeline for a second shoot too. Ash tells me ‘we’ve got an idea already for the song Paperboy, it’s got a military beat with drums and stuff, we’ve got a bit of a budget together, so hopefully it’s going to be shot in May’.

gypsytoes1email | Gypsy ToesIt seems the boys are set for busy times in the next few months. Future plans include getting back in the studio and recording; though they do admit it’d be nice to so some festivals. They are also honestly open with the fact that they’ll simply gig until something happens, ‘though whatever happens, we’re just enjoying ourselves’ confides Ash.