After their successful set at this years Live At Leeds and ahead of the release of their new single, released via Come Play With Me, we caught up with FURR to see how they got to this point and what the future holds for them. We sat down with guitarist and backing vocalist Sam Jackson and bassist Guy Read, guitarist and lead singer Jack Byrne was stuck in traffic with drummer John Roberts but they did manage to make if for the final few questions.

The conversation began with Sam, who describes FURR’s style as “fifty percent Weezer, fifty percent Queens of the Stone Age”, explaining to us how FURR formed. “Me and Jack were in another band while we were at uni. That kind of fell apart as everyone finished the course and moved. Me and Jack decided to stay here in Leeds, Guy actually lived with us but spent most of his time playing ukulele. So we were looking for a bass player and then we were like, hang on, Guy plays bass. So that was the three of us and the John responded to an advert we placed.“ Guy then added “They asked me to join before they had even heard me play, which is a leap of faith I feel” before same gave us a history of where their name came from. “Originally we went under the name of Humans As Ornaments, which no one could ever fucking remember because it was too long. A while ago we got feedback from various people, saying the name is too long and that we should think about changing it. We threw about some ideas, came up with FURR and just kind of stuck with it.”

It’s the best song we have ever written, it’s all downhill from here…

Sam then gave us some detail on their new single. “Yeah ‘Another Fable’, that is coming out on Come Play With Me. Which is a local, not for profit, record label that are trying to help out small bands like ourselves. They are really good with helping us organise all the boring stuff like the press, scheduling, all of that stuff which bands are not typically good at. Getting our track to as many people as possible is such a benefit for us because we have always done things DIY, having people take a little chunk of the work away from us means that we have more time to focus on all the other stuff that comes with getting the music out there. It is out on July the 14th on vinyl.” On CPWM “It’s nice to be included on that list of peers, it does feel really really nice to be included along with all those other bands that you really like and consider to be your peers, and thought of as one of them.” On CPWM audition process “Yeah we did, twice. The first time it didn’t work. The second time it almost worked, we got through the first round and then we changed tracks at the last minute and we didn’t get through. But then one of the bands that was supposed to be on the other side of this release broke up, so we got asked to do it. We were planning an EP, which has now been pushed back, so when we got asked to do it we already had the tracks.”

At this point Jack and John come rushing in and the band tell us their thoughts on ‘Another Fable’, starting with Sam. “It’s the best song we have ever written, it’s all downhill from here. It’s my personal favourite song that we have written.” John seems equally proud of the track. “It’s the song of ours that encapsulates a little bit of everything we are all about. We have a couple of songs that are our punky side and some that are the more chilled side. This one encapsulates what we are like as a band.”

One of the many advantages of having Come Play With Me release one of your singles seems to be that it leads onto a very prosperous career in all cases. With that in mind I wanted to know what they are currently working on, Guy began by telling us about their new video. “We have got a video to go along with the single. It has drag queens in it, which I am super happy about. It’s the first non performance video, all our videos before have been performance based, but there is only so much you can do differently performance based.” Sam described what the thinking behind this concept was. “It’s nice that the drag queens are taking the piss out of us and our lives because I think that it’s so easy to point fingers and laugh at different people but it’s good to be able to laugh at yourself.”

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The interview concluded with the band relaying some messages for their supporters, John was the first to express his gratitude. “It takes the effort of people who are genuinely invested in live music, and local music, to support it, that’s bottom line, and we have got an unbelievable amount of appreciation for people that do come to watch the gigs and who help us with videos and recording. It’s not easy, but when we are rewarded by the efforts of those people it is more than appreciated.” Jack then added his message. “Also thanks to Tony, from Come Play With Me, for helping us out. Buy as many as you can of their releases, it’s a non profit organization so if people are willing to buy some vinyl it will help them out so much and they deserve it.”

FURR’s single “Another Fable” is available now on vinyl and download. It is part of a split single release via Come Play With Me, the other side of the release being “Conveyor Belt” by RIIB.

For all other news check out the FURR Facebook Page.

(Images with kind permission courtesy of Curiouser & Curiouser)

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