With their latest single, the wonderful “Closet Lunatic”, now out, we wanted to catch up with Caro to see what the future holds for them and how they got to this point in their career. They have treated us to some quirky, funny, and entertaining answers so have a read and a listen to the single.

Q. How did you all meet?

Our eyes met across a crowded room at a renaissance fair in Leeds and I just knew that underneath that chain mail and behind the visor of that 14th century sugar loaf helmet were a couple of kindred spirits.

Q. Where does the name come from?

It comes from a town in France but also coincidentally means flesh in Latin.

We plan to overtake Virgin Galactic as the world’s top commercial space travel providers…

Q. For people who have never heard you before how would you describe Closet Lunatic?

I would describe it as the result of 5 years of tinkering but I’ve heard someone else describe it as a phat chune, which I much prefer.

T3A0216  Caro Andrew Benge | Caro


Q. What has been your career highlight to date?

For me personally, just having songs we wrote, recorded and mixed ourselves be played on radio was a big accomplishment. But I think a collective highlight for all of us was the tour we did with Gengahr last year, if I can choose a 3 week long highlight? It was great to play an extended line of dates to really receptive audiences across the UK, and the Gengahr guys were ace.

Q. Is the writing a collaborative process or the responsibility of one person?

It varies at different stages of the process, certain aspects require solitude and others collaboration. Usually I’ll have a couple sections of a song and an idea of where to go with them in a demo, then we get in a room together and arrange it further, figure out where else to go with it and how to get there, and then we usually finalise the general structure when Bryn comes to track drums. After that it’s a lot of sitting in a room alone experimenting with things.

T3A0258  Caro Andrew Benge | Caro


Q. What about the lyrics? and where do they come from?

The lyrics are a more solitary endeavour, I’m not very good at coming up with vocals with people around, I need the room to sound awful for a while before anything good comes out. They come from different places, most of the time it starts from whatever rolls off the tongue when the melody comes out and then books, films, things you overhear people say, and general notes you keep help fill it out and make sense of that initial idea. One of the lyrics from Closet Lunatic is from a Simpsons episode, the one where Lisa thinks she killed Martin.

Q. What are your future plans?

We plan to overtake Virgin Galactic as the world’s top commercial space travel providers as soon as Andy’s finished re-watching every episode of Kitchen Nightmares, and then maybe get round to recording an album.

T3A0230  Caro Andrew Benge | Caro


To see Caro live (very highly recommended) check out some upcoming dates:

19th May – The Great Escape Festival: Brighton
The Black Lion, 8.15pm
Paganini Ballroom, 10.15pm (BBC Introducing)

20th May – Gold Sounds Festival: Brudenell, Leeds

31st May – The Lending Room, Leeds

T3A0264  Caro Andrew Benge | Caro


For everything else Caro get connected with them on Facebook, Spotify, Twitter and Soundcloud.

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