November Arts

A J Callan & Lynn Wilkinson – Heartbeat Gallery – 2nd November – January 12th

This will be the largest collection of AJ’s original pieces appearing in one place to date: ‘Like any artist I feel the need to express myself through the use of imagery. This is my way of interpreting the world in which I live. It helps me make sense of what I see and what I think. Sometimes I need to depict accurately every detail of what is in front of me. At other times I just let my imagination run riot and create something that couldn’t possibly exist in the real world. The contrast between the two approaches gives me plenty of scope to indulge myself during the creative process.’

Lynn Wilkinson is an award-winning artist famous for her animal portraits which capture the imagination of the viewer.

WarpFilms10: Pete McKee Exhibition – Showroom Bar – 2nd-10th November

Pete McKee reinterprets 10 Warp film posters, putting a McKee spin on them.
Pete McKee says, ‘When Warp asked me to paint their favourite films I immediately said yes and then wondered how I was going to portray a film where there are 11 murders and another film where a lovely dog meets an untimely end in the first scene. Not my usual subject matter, but an interesting challenge…’

Ernest Edmonds: Light Logic – Site – 17th November – 2nd February

A pioneer of computer generated art in the 1960s, and now creating generative sculptural light installations, Edmonds’ work references minimalist constructivism alongside a life-long interest in chance and change. Exploring how new technologies produce new relations between artists, audiences and things, Light Logic marks the first UK solo exhibition of the artist for a decade.

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