Ludovico Einaudi at Sheffield City Hall

A hush descends inside the City Hall as a packed crowd eagerly awaits the start of tonight’s concert. It opens with the resonant sound of a lonely drum before Ludovico Einaudi enters the fray, receiving warm applause before seating himself at the piano. The Italian started out as a classical composer but over the years his music has crossed-over into many other genres, and he’s been responsible for many film and television scores; most notably This is England.

2013 saw the release of In A Time Lapse, which is his 21st studio album. Ludovicio has never faltered in his relentless quest to explore musical boundaries, and tonight is far from a formal classical music affair. If his current almost sell-out tour is anything to judge by, he’s certainly amassed a large number or ardent admirers along the way.

He opens tonight with a few compositions from his new album, and he is joined by a slightly unusual orchestral accompaniment; the modern merging with the traditional. Not only does he incorporate and electric element into his performance, there are also pyrotechnics which add another element to the experience. This is especially so when the hall is transformed to represent the night sky; little pin-pricks of light illuminating the room. The eerie lighting adds a rather mystical atmosphere to the evening.

The new compositions fitted in nicely with favourites from his back catalogue including ‘Devine’ and ‘The Tower’, ending to the longest standing ovation I’ve witnessed in a long time. His encore was also followed by equal adulation.