In a World

In these technological times surprises are often few and far between at the cinema. With websites and webzines covering festivals, and staggered release dates, most films are flagged up well in advance. However, sometimes a film appears with little fanfare or hype, but turns out to be absolutely great. It’s often the case that they are the work of new faces and rookie writer/director Lake Bell has done precisely that with In a World.

Carol (Bell) is a voice coach struggling to move out of the shadow of her father Sam (Fred Melamed) who is the reigning king of movie trailer voiceovers. Sam, although highly competitive, backs rising star Gustav (Ken Marino) and doesn’t believe a there’s a place for women in serious voiceover work. As Carol struggles to come to terms with her father’s new girlfriend (Alexandra Holden), she has to salvage her sister’s relationship with her boyfriend. When a studio decides to revive the famous “In a World…” trailer intro, Carol finds herself attacked on all fronts as she tries to land the gig for the new Amazon Games franchise.

In a World ploughs the same territory that many indie films have been before, but what it lacks in originality it makes up for in the way it tackles familiar ground. There’s no wallowing here or melodrama. Carol’s struggles and triumphs are not soaked in saccharin, and issues are not played out infuriatingly as is often the case. There is no time to dwell as Bell keeps the pace fast and light.

The acting and story both flow along beautifully, and whilst In a World isn’t a deep or meaningful film you’ll want to see again and again, it is a highly enjoyable night out at the cinema. Hopefully the Amazon Games quadrilogy will be written and adapted in the near future..

In a World is out now at the Showroom

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