Wet Nuns – Broken Teeth

Broken Teeth packshot Lo | Wet Nuns – Broken TeethWell slap me in the face and call me Shirley, Broken Teeth is one hot dog of an EP courtesy of the duo that is Wet Nuns. Packed to punch with blood, guts and full on rawness its quick fire on the buttons with four tracks of unholy goodness as the prize.

Having had a monstrous 2012 it seems that things are going heavy set wet and nun like this year with a UK tour lined up, venturing to the deep and dark SXSW and hosting their own festival known by the name Detestival. The Broken Teeth EP is their first offering of 2013 presented on a plate five star style and we’re ready to get down and dirty.

Title track Broken Teeth, and the line ‘I live my life with a taste of blood in my mouth’ kicks things off, we’re dragged into a deep dark void filled with bluesy twisted dirty metal. All The Young Girls races with its wooos and hooos, belting beats and distorted guitars followed by the rawness of Feast it’s death blues explosion, cranked past eleven…maybe even thirteen. Loudness and tinnitus prevails with each riff and beat. When it comes to Laura it’s the 10 to 2 time of night, we’ve had a few and it’s time for sex, really messy sex, there’s longing in the coarse vocals and a mantra in the lyrics as ‘she makes me want her the way she holds her guitar. I wish I was her guitar’ you know it isn’t ever going to happen, but these are the Wet Nuns and you don’t ever know what to expect.

Broken Teeth

Broken Teeth EP is out on February 18th and is available for pre order now.


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