Trudy Sings The Blues – Sexy Sexy Disco

Since forming in late 2011, Trudy Sings The Blues have spread their own brand of lo-fi garage pop far and wide. After the success of their previous releases, ‘Doin’ Trudy’ in June 2012 and ‘Songs For A Pretty Girl’ in October 2012, the band have gone from strength to strength, playing larger live sets – including Tramlines Festival and a whole host of headlining gigs in the city. With their latest endeavour, Trudy have a lot to live up to in EP, ‘Sexy Sexy Disco.’

From the initial outburst in opening track ‘She’s Fine But She Ain’t You’, it is clear that this EP is going to be something a little different and it doesn’t disappoint. With elements spanning across the rock and roll spectrum, it is pointless to attempt to pigeon hole this band without discrediting their amalgamation of styles into a unique and solely original end product. ‘Sexy Sexy Disco’ is a short collection of comments on love, girls and passion. The gravelly vocals provide an abundance of emotion to subject matter that is fraught with ups and downs, and alongside bursts of indie guitar, each track takes you on a journey of recognisable stories and feelings. ‘How To Treat A Lady’ demonstrates all these themes in a single, perfect lyric; “I’ll never make you cry, but I’ll try and make you scream.”

It has been a good while since something truly outstanding has appeared within this genre and Trudy Sings The Blues have established themselves as a band to keep your eye on. If they continue at this rate, they will go a long way.

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