To Kill A King – Cannibals with Cutlery

This album has permanently been on repeat for the past week. Whenever I became satisfied with how I was going to approach this album review, I listened to it again and found another element of the album that I love.

To Kill A King have drawn out the common themes of love, life, death and addiction, and presented them in the many faces that we are all so familiar with. This is certainly not a new concept, but their music seems to fill a gap that so many bands are tirelessly working to fill.

The easiest genre to place them in is alternative-folk, alongside the likes of Mumford & Sons and The National. The lead singers voice is soulful and insightful, which is established from the very beginning with ‘I work nights and you work days’. Interestingly, Cannibals with Cutlery begins with us gently being eased into a simple piano melody, which is quickly joined with a beautiful vocal melody and the sound of strings and trumpets.

Fans of To Kill A King will always have known them to be a multi-instrumentalist band, but this album showcases them developing towards an instrumentallyexperimental sound, with more action from the pedal boards of the three guitarists and a choral backing for their anthemic melodies. Whilst stretching the boundaries that they’ve set in the past, they’ve still kept to their epic, uplifting style of composition. The additional effects in ‘Gasp’s/The Reflex’ tastefully shapes their dramatic dynamics to give a far more unique impact than any standard rock band would give.

This is not to say that they sound continuously chaotic; their music is incredibly focused on adding colour to the lyrics. ‘Besides she said’ describes the repercussions of a break-up with beautifully intimate lyrics, which were
delicately echoed through the music. When the lyrics breakdown to repeat ‘Fall apart maybe we’ll just fall apart’, To Kill A King sing this in harmony whilst the lead singer sores in his falsetto voice and the instruments sporadically share melodies underneath.

Cannibals with Cutlery is the first album in a while that has distracted me from life’s chaos and influenced me to sit down, close my eyes and just listen. A lot of hard work and immense talent has gone into this album, I hope you like it as much as I did.

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