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tmb album packshot 2 | This Many Boyfriends – This Many BoyfriendsThis Many Boyfriends release their long-awaited, self titled, debut album on Angular Recordings. The Leeds based band gained notoriety supporting The Cribs and they must have caught the eye of Ryan Jarman as he recorded and mixed this album.

From the first track ‘Tina Weymouth’ his influence is in evidence. Most producers like to smooth out the creases but Jarman clearly thought This Many Boyfriends were too smooth and has emphasized the rough elements to great effect. The band are skilled creators of beautiful melodies and they combine that with rougher guitar parts which are reminiscent of The Strokes early work.

Then they pick up of the pace with ‘Young Lovers Go Pop!’ This track has an incredibly upbeat and catchy chorus, sure to be a hit at any indie-kid disco. They are not your average indie-pop band however, songs like ‘(I Should Be A) Communist’ show their agility with clever and informed lyrics. ‘You Don’t Need To Worry’ is more laid back, almost a lullaby when the beautiful female backing vocal is present.

The stand out track has to be ‘I Don’t Like You (‘Coz You Don’t Like The Pastels)’ a punk-rock song referencing many of the band’s wide ranging influences including Bruce Springsteen, The Cribs, The Go-Betweens and obviously The Pastels. The guitar solo sets the tone leading up to the breakdown before a powerful final chorus. ‘That’s What Diaries Are For’ is another highlight from this impressive debut.

This Many Boyfriends are passionate about pop music but they also feel people take it too seriously. They try not to do so which makes for a very good album that they are sure to build on being talented songwriters and musicians. This Many Boyfriends is released on the 8th of October.

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