The Young Punx – Map of Tasmania ft. Amanda Palmer & Peaches

punx | The Young Punx – Map of Tasmania ft. Amanda Palmer & PeachesLets not beat around the bush here, pun intended, this track is about lady gardens or muffs as The Young Punx blurb points out. Categorized as ‘mashpop and punkstep’, it offers a slightly different vibe to the indie kids and pop couture that seems to be infesting the music scene at the moment.

Taking, the Dresden Dolls, Amanda Palmer and the ‘subversive’ Peaches, in short, it is fun, filthy and rather feisty. I’m sure once upon a time the lyrics would be analysed as a pat on the back for, erm, ‘girl power’ to some maybe a huge feministic stance. Who cares about that really? In short it has a no shit attitude, which flows through the song encompassing tits and minge. It manages to rhyme smirkin’, merkin’ and jerkin’ how many other songs do that?

Released this month, the track offers 4 different versions – original, club, acoustic and a remix by Sheffield’s own Adi Carter. I have to admit that Adi’s version is my favourite…it’s bounding, deep, dirty and extremely catchy.

All you need to do is listen and then buy it…it’s worth your while. Seriously.

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