The Wind-Up Birds: The Land (Sturdy Records)

windupbirds | The Wind Up Birds: The Land (Sturdy Records)‘The Land’ is an impressive debut album from Leeds based outfit The Wind-Up Birds. Full of clever lyrics and catchy social comment, I fully expect the lyricist Paul Ackroyd to be the progeny of John Cooper Clarke. The Wind-Up Birds have a very individual style which is somewhere in-between The Libertines and Art Brut.

‘The Land’ opens with a bang with the forceful ‘Good Shop Shuts’. The chorus in this track is incredibly addictive and lodges itself firmly in your brain. The upbeat guitars create the perfect background for the infectious vocal and lyrics. ‘Good Shop Shuts’ is neatly followed by their latest single ‘Cross Country’. Full of intelligent lyrics and well structured instrumentation ‘Cross Country’ is a strong choice for release as a single.

The Wind-Up Birds then show that they are far from a one dimensional band with ‘There Won’t Always Be An England’. This is a slow stripped down track with vocals that would be comfortable in any beat poem.

Now you have had chance to settle down and think about to provocative lyrics in ‘There Won’t Always Be An England’ The Wind-Up Birds crank it up again with the gripping sing-a-long ‘Being Dramatic’. This track is so enjoyable and accessible that you find yourself singing along the entire way through. The verses on this track would be worthy choruses for many other bands and the chorus is even better.

In the same way that Akala documents his experiences of England and his surroundings through eloquent poetic raps, The Wind-Up Birds relay their experiences with a similar poetic aplomb. This is a thought provoking album in which every track is of value.

‘The Land’ is released on the 14th of May on Sturdy Records and is available on C.D. and as a download, I highly recommend it.

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