The Velcro Teddy Bears – Coming Back For More

Being an unsigned artist or band in an already saturated music market is a difficult and daunting prospect. However, a band that is making their move are local Penistone four-piece The Velcro Teddy Bears, with the debut EP ‘Coming Back For More’. Already attracting hype on the local scene, have these gents got the talent to move onwards and upwards, or has the market got no place for another acoustic rock and roll band?

Throughout this EP there is a vein of sixties and seventies rock ‘n’ roll with a dash of blues for good measure. It is clear that a definite thought process has gone into the tracks included on ‘Coming Back For More, not just a collection of songs that have been simply thrown together, but a powerful diary of experiences and emotions. The exquisite ‘Another Sunny Morning’ begins the journey in a flurry of acoustic guitars, a beat that draws your foot into motion and vocals that demand attention. Every other track follows suit tremendously, with no filler and no wasted time – from the vocally vivacious ‘Coming Back For More’ and lyrically luscious ‘Stand And Fall’ – each song contributing equal value to the rest.

As far as debut EPs go, it doesn’t get much better than this. The musical talent can not be denied and the production value adds to the quality of sound, allowing every note and every lyric to be enjoyed to the fullest. The Velcro Teddy Bears are smarter than the average bear and if they continue to put out music of this standard, things could get very exciting indeed. Yogi has got nothing on this band.

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