The Scaramanga – Six Phantom Head

For a legendary underground band who were initially formed about 1995 around the Morricone twins Steve and Paul, The Scaramanga Six have a large, faithful and still developing fanbase. Their ability to crossover between different genres and produce a sound that is very much their own has undoubtedly aided their cult status, but with another cracking album, this being their 7th, how they remain a ‘secret’ beggar’s belief.

Rarely having 6 members despite their moniker, they added guitarist Julia Arnez soon after forming and currently boast Gareth Champion on drums, along with the multi instrumentalists and vocalising brothers. The quartet often second members and for the recording of the album in Chicago they added a second drummer Stephen Gilchrist and piano player Gentleman James Kenosha. The producer was none other than Steve Albini who worked with Nirvana, Pixies, The Stooges etc so you’ll listen to the album expecting great things and TS6 don’t disappoint.

Opener I Will Crush Your Heart is a highly melodic rock song along with the anthemic The Cardinal whilst Blunt Force Trauma is a punchy punk rock tale of ‘another future John Doe’.  With genre bending a speciality We Are The Blind has an excellent Comsat Angels ring to it until a one minute guitar frenzy to shake to listener out of their complacency.

From smooth keys to dirty rock guitars, dark soundscapes to edgy punk, there’s something for everyone.

The longest track at 6 minute plus, It’s Only A Matter Of Time is different again, a poignant ballad about the fragility of life and love. With highly emotive vocals that Bowie wouldn’t be ashamed of, it’s possibly pinches the crown of best track on this excellent album

Highly recommended, if you haven’t heard of The Scaramanga Six check them out, and if you’re already a fan you’ll deffo buy it anyway.

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