The Railway Social Club – Sketches EP

Birmingham based two-piece, The Railway Social Club, return with their unique blend of harmonious voices and African influenced grooves. Following on from début EP ‘Nowhere‘, 2014 sees the release of the anticipated, five-track EP ‘Sketches‘. Having featured on BBC Radio as part of BBC Introducing and being a part of the 2012 EMI Roundhouse 30/30 project, this new release has a good amount to live up to.

Opening track ‘Empty Houses‘ firmly puts to rest any apprehensions that this follow up may not be as strong as the début. The harmonies are tighter than ever; they are haunting and calming in equal measure and, blended with the interlocking guitar riffs, ‘Sketches‘ opens with punch. This EP is a perfect mixture of beautiful vocals, in the hypnotic ‘Needs A Working Title‘, and foot-tapping instrumental, with the genius that is ‘When It Rains‘. Throughout this record there is blend of African and Western influences and they coexist splendidly, resulting in a truly inspiring sound. Where the EP lets itself down slightly is the final track ‘Conversations‘, in no way terrible, but simply out of place and lacking in the same vigour that is held by its companion pieces.

As far as second releases go, ‘Sketches‘ holds its own, cementing The Railway Social Club as a group to be reckoned with, producing a sound like no other. Holding a weekly residency and regularly performing across the Midlands, this duo is set to make 2014 their year, and beyond.

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