The Payroll Union – Your Obedient Servant EP

payroll2 300x298 | The Payroll Union – Your Obedient Servant EPI must admit, American history isn’t one of my strong points. It’s not quite as bad as physics, but it’s getting there. So, when faced with the prospect of writing about an EP which covers several different areas of said topic, I was slightly nervous to say the least.

Reduced in number to three members, and with a change of name, Your Obedient Servant is The Payroll Union’s second EP. Whilst essentially this is an American record it takes forays into Blues, Roots and Bluegrass, if not in sound, then in spirit.

Dark, sombre and macabre, each track tells its own tale. This is a record that demands your attention. Your focus will be duly rewarded as you find yourself transported to a distant time and place. If you close your eyes you can smell the smoke, the air of despair…

Its not all doom and gloom mind, there is a good mix of lively toe-tappers and bleak tales of war and want; tragedy and death. ‘Emily’ is possibly the song that stands out most on first listen, lively and upbeat; I challenge you to keep that leg still. The lyrics, however, are wholly at odds with the lively rhythm that permeates the song.

It’s a step up from their début, showing a greater confidence and maturity, whilst investigating the same theme. Very impressive indeed, and a band who will surely only get better.

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