Mysteron – Switched on Batch

The Mysterons: sworn enemies of earth. Possessing the ability to recreate an exact likeness of an object or person, but first they must destroy.

Jack has shaken off his Beanstalks and is back with a new group of rascals: Mysteron. Switched on Batch is an impressive debut release, and it’s all a bit spooky (James Whale would be proud); eerie synthesisers and fuzztone guitars (no idea what this means, I stole it from the page) underpin cavernous vocals.

It all begins with ‘Journey to the Unexpected’; an apt introduction to the twisted universe of Mysteron. Musically it’s reminiscent of the theme tune from a ‘70s Sci-fi TV show with more than a little echo of The Yell. Listening, I feel Vince Noir should be writing this review. It’s weird, eerie, slightly odd and pretty marvelous.

The stand-out track, ‘Ruler of the Cosmos’, showcases Jack’s clever lyricism and the playful nature of Mysteron. Unlike his previous project, we get to hear the potential of his voice. Sounding like a mix of Jarvis and Space, it opens with   “If you were to think that earth was the Barnsley of the Milky Way….” before the swirling sythns and fuzzy guitars kick-in.

Switched on Batch continues on the same trajectory; ‘Freakoid for your Love’ is a Swirling embolism of interplanetary exploration whilst ‘Vegan Death Ray’ warns children of the dangers of talking to vegans. It’s a gently rumbling slow burner of a song.  Ending with the gently building ‘Confess’, Mysteron’s debut EP is full of knowing lyrics, playful instrumentation and is firmly tongue in check. It’s an impressive start. Come with us now on a journey into outer space……

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