The Kabeedies – Santiago

kabadees | The Kabeedies – Santiago‘Santiago’, the new single from Norwich Indie Pop outfit ‘The Kabeedies’, is an excellent example of how music can instil us with happiness through its light-hearted content and danceable rhythms. At the core of the band are a four piece featuring both male and female vocals and a range of high tempo and high-pitched riffs. Also helping flesh out the recorded version of ‘Santiago’ is the successful incorporation of Dave Land on trumpet and flugelhorn.

The song opens with a well-devised guitar riff reminiscent of the work of Vampire Weekend or The Macabees followed by the trumpet. The vocal content of the song – both the performance and lyrical content – would not be out of place in a Barry Manilow track. Lyrics such as; “The man looks down, over Espania”, along with the escalating and progressive sound of the trumpet, really help this song give you a warm feeling in you stomach, similar to when you open the curtains to a warm summer morning.

The single is released Free on April 11th, you should not miss the opportunity however to download the single free through the bands ‘Bandcamp’ page at

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