The Graveyard Band – The Graveyard Band

Due to the infernal machinations of one very big, banjo-toting band at the moment, “alternative folk” is a genre this reviewer approaches with some trepidation. However there’s little to fear with this rather charming lo-fi EP by The Graveyard Band

They are, on record, pretty much a one-man band, the brainchild of impressively-bearded Glaswegian Rob Thomson, who recorded the EP in his bedroom playing virtually everything except a few bursts of viola and trumpet. The rather clean, often sparse arrangements let the songs speak for themselves, some of which hide some nicely melancholic lyrics behind perky tunes. Some morbid subjects are touched on (as the band’s name suggests there’s a smattering of deathly lyrics to be found), woven into delicate music and multi-tracked harmonies.

One or two songs sound like they’re crying out for a bigger sound, especially the ambitious ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’, which you can almost imagine morphing out into some kind of alt-folk-disco fusion given the right production.

There’s much to like about this collection of songs, and fans of Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens and the ilk should definitely get on Bandcamp and have a listen. It’s a bit of a rough diamond in places, but they’re well worth keeping an eye on, especially as they start gigging as a full band.

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