The Broken Saints – When The Music Stops

Sheffield acoustic three-piece The Broken Saints, consisting of Ryan Wilson, John Slater and pianist Steven Kay, formed in mid 2012 and have spent much of their time as new band playing venues across the city, spreading their folk/blues sound to the masses. Recently coming second in Yorkshire Unplugged, The Broken Saints are making quite a name for themselves and so are at the perfect juncture to release their debut album, ‘When The Music Stops.’

This album makes its acoustic intentions clear in the opening track ‘Searching For The Shore’, with catchy guitar and gravely, well tuned vocals that engage you quickly and will have feet tapping and head nodding in no time at all. Followed by the equally folky ‘Nobody Else’ and a subtle addition of the tinkling piano, gives an edge to what could have been a run of the mill acoustic record. Despite the hard work put into the  introduction to this album, a couple of tracks let it down and tarnish its consistency; ‘Scared Again’ and ‘The Needle and the Damage Done’, lack the same enthusiasm as their companions and offer little in terms of fresh and innovative material. However, in saying that, there are some that are truly awe inspiring – the beautiful and melodic piano introduction to ‘Dreams Never Die’ and the mesmerising female vocals of Katy McLaughlin that accompany in ‘Open Your Eyes (Take the Time)’ – hurl ‘When The Music Stops’ into the stratosphere.

The chemistry between all three band members is undeniable, each blend with and complement each other perfectly, producing a sound completely their own. Despite the infrequent disappointments, if The Broken Saints continue to hone their skills both on the stage and in the studio, they have the talent to go far.

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