The Answering Machine – Animals

animals | The Answering Machine – Animals‘The Answering Machines’ are a self labeled “art-rock” quartet heralding from Manchester. The band have released their new single ‘Animals’ in follow up to their highly popular “Another City, Another Sorry” album.

After gaining critical success from their first attempt, both here and in the states – including playing a host of gigs across the pond in LA – they have their work cut out to produce another equally as impressive second album.

‘Animals’ is extremely cool and highly danceable. Mellow in the verses driven by the bass line and an emphatic chorus taking the song to a pinnacle through catchy lead guitar and brilliantly simple lyrics that you will be singing along to on second listen. I am also impressed with the production on this album which really makes the most out of lead singer Martin’s brilliant voice by using it as another instrument rather than simply layering it on top. With all this in mind this song could quite easily follow the work of similar bands such as “Friendly Fires” and “Phoenix” and find it’s way on to a dance floor near you. High expectations for their new album ‘Lifelines’ due for release early 2011.

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