Tarka Dawn – Secret Letters

PastedGraphic 1 | Tarka Dawn – Secret LettersTarka Dawn this month released their second single, ‘Secret Letters’. The Sheffield based four piece are part of a ongoing inclination towards alt-rock within the city alongside similar bands such as Without Our Crowns and Little Secrets.

The single is a powerful rendition of difficult times in a struggling relationship. The song draws it’s passion from all facets of it’s music; lyrical content portrayed through strong vocals, heart-wrenching piano melodies and a high octane chorus fired up through perfectly composed guitar work.

Secret Letters’ immediately draws the listener in with lead singer, Craig Jeffcock’s opening vocals. The first line; “Don’t stand to close to the back window, theres nothing for you there,” is sang with such clarity and desperation you feel compelled to listen to the rest of the track through to it’s Blink 182-esque drum breaking finally.

For people in Sheffield a hard copy of the single is available from HMV Meadowhall, people from further afield however can find the ‘Secret Letters’ on iTunes. The band are playing a couple of gigs to promote the single, details for which can be found at www.myspace.com/tarkadawn

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