Tall Ships – Everything Touching

everythingtouching sleeve | Tall Ships – Everything TouchingEverything Touching, the debut album from Tall Ships¸ is undoubtedly going to be big. And there are going to be idiots who resent the band’s success; these are the kind of hipsters who cry, “I knew them first!” in an attempt to hold on to some imaginary ‘cool’ credentials.

But credit where credit’s due. Tall Ships have been around for a while now, ripping apart venues every time they tour with an insane amount of energy, and they deserve to have this album heard by everyone. It deserves to be big.

Maybe it’s a reverse case of ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’, but it seems that bands with three or fewer members seem to be making the best music these days. Opener and first single ‘T=0’ is controlled but restrained, and the perfect introduction to the math rock of the Brighton trio. And then there’s the sheer unbridled instrumentation of ‘Best Ever’, which begs to be played loud – even the quiet parts.

Newest single ‘Gallop’ is rousing, with vocals almost reminiscent of Editors. It gallops (sorry) along at a fast, drum-heavy pace, but it’s worth paying attention to the lyrics. Tall Ships are an all-round excellent band; they know how to give a song an extra level of depth when it’s needed.

And that extra level of depth can come in any form. ‘Idolatry’ is a softer highlight of the album; think Sigur Ros but er, in English. It’s further proof that Tall Ships have a massive bag of tricks up their sleeves, culminating in a genuinely excellent and most importantly, varied debut album. If you’ve seen them live you should know what to expect, and if you haven’t: why haven’t you? Haven’t you heard Everything Touching yet?




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