Standard Fare: Out of Sight, Out of Town

cover | Standard Fare: Out of Sight, Out of TownThe follow up to 2010’s A Noyelle Beat sees Standard Fare taking things up a notch: a little bit more bouncy, a hint of angst and a lot of good sounds are the key to Out of Sight, Out of Town.  With 12 tracks to sit back, maybe tap your foot a little, even have a bit of a dance it’s an indie-pop bubble full of delights.

Weaving at the heart strings, the first track, The Look Of Lust shows a longing for something desirable. The formidable Darth Vader, a quirky track that’s been in around in the background for a while now, dark in places with its unperturbed narration of love and the need for space. It’s clever and in some respects, soulful. There’s no pretence with Standard Fare, they’re simply reminiscent of what could be memories from a certain time and place. For every melancholy moment they sing about there’s an instantaneous sense of encouragement that entwines its way through the album. Tracks such as 05 11 07, Suitcase and Bad Temper offer us beats, horns and undisturbed angst.

At just over 30 minutes long Out of Sight, Out of Town is a journey to provoke the soul. It’s fit to burst with moments, memories and questions. Standard Fare have shaken off their slightly nervous edge and despite revealing some of their insecurities, they’ve formulated a emotionally fulfilling album. Keeping their instantly recognisable riffs and fruitful melodies whilst adding something extra; it’s true Standard Fare.

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