Silver Story: Wake Up EP

Wake Up Cover Art | Silver Story: Wake Up EPFirst things first, I’m not a 16 year old girl who hangs around city centres wearing ‘A Day To Remember’ t-shirts and talks about how fit Jared Leto looked on this week’s cover of Kerrang. It’s clear that pop-punkers Silver Story are not a band targeted at me, but in the interest of fairness I listened to the band with an open mind.

The Saint Helens quartet, who disappeared after a brief stint in 2009, have returned with a new EP Wake Up. And as you would expect it opens with a frenzy of heavy guitar riffs and battering drum beats on ‘Dancefloor’ which eventually leads to singer Alex McCabe snarling “Take this night, take this chance to make it happen/ you and me, the dancefloor.”

The EP’s saving grace comes in the form of ‘The Otherside’ in which Alex’s soaring vocals, a catchy guitar riff which runs throughout and some finely tuned production overshadow the tracks uninspired lyrics.

Finally we have ‘The End’, a track which wouldn’t sound out of place over a One Tree Hill commercial on E4. This is the expectedly restrained, lighters in the air song on the EP which no doubt aims to make girls go weak at the knees, however in reality it falls disappointingly flat.

There are moments on the EP which show promise, however these moments are few and far between. In such a highly saturated genre Silver Story need to break the mould, and off this EP’s offering they’re not quite there yet.

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  • Liam Croft says:

    Couldn’t disagree more. Loved the EP, and played alongside the guys at their release gig. Great live as well as in the studio.

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