Servers – Leave With Us

Every now and again you see or hear a band that just changes everything for you!  One such occasion for me was the first time I saw Rammstein live not knowing who they were, The power, the melody and the theatrics of it all, for me nothing since has come close to ticking all my boxes. That is until now with this album “Leave with us” by Servers.

I was invited to see these guys live on their debut gig by a friend of mine. You know that a band is not just another band when you are turned away from the venue because its full to capacity! The hype and the story behind these guys is as much spooky as it is brilliant.  This plays into the theatrics which make their live show so refreshingly different and compelling.

But their live show is a review for another time I’m here to review the album “Leave with us” and let me tell you it is incredible.  It’s a journey from start to finish with every song blending into the next perfectly telling its story.  Each song just offers something different to the last.  Ok so it may not be breaking the mould in terms of being something never heard before, but it’s just a great rock album and surely that is all that matters. Right? What it does do is blends sheer brutality with strong melody. Pounding riffs as heard in album opener “Save me from myself” and “king things” that sit with sweet synths and strings behind (the end of the track universes and supernovas is just stunning), it’s just a winning combination and is executed beautifully.  What also is a thing of beauty are front man Lee Storers vocals as they roar out then dissolve away into each chorus, each of which is another infectious hook that has you singing along at the drop of a hat. It’s been a long time since I have heard as good a hook in a song, yet this album is just littered full of anthems, songs that even if you put a shotgun to your head you would struggle to get out. It all follows the theme of being part of the cult that is Servers, highlighted by the cleverly used samples of infamous cult leader Marshall Applewhite right before he embarked on the heaven’s gate mass suicide, signified by him uttering the words “your only chance to evacuate is to leave with us” which either by coincidence or clever design is the title of this album. This album really does suck you in and before you know it you haven’t listened to anyone or anything else in weeks. With rumours circulating that these guys are already working on a follow up album I strongly suggest you leave with these guys right now, otherwise you may get left behind.

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