Screaming Maldini -Solar System

To make it as a musician in today’s music industry is more difficult that ever before. The rise of the internet means that pretty much anyone, anywhere, can produce and put out music to a huge audience – not to mention that download culture has arguably taken the value out of record making.

As a new musician or emerging talent, it is key to present innovate music and new ideas in order to stand out and get the attention you deserve. This year, Sheffield band, Screaming Maldini, are doing just that with a new project titled #MonthlyMaldiniXII. The Sheffield band are releasing a new track every month available for free download, each with their own individual artwork and a number with accompanying videos. Over the course of 2014 there will be 12 new tracks leading towards a ‘mysterious finale in December’. Each offering of #MonthlyMaldiniXII such as ‘Abyssinia’ and ‘Islands’ has received great attention and praise, each with their own individual sound and appeal.

This month, Screaming Maldini have released new track ‘Solar System’ as part of #MonthlyMaldiniXII. The track opens with a piano instrumental, joined by eerie electronics, repetitive percussion and a progressive bassline leading straight into the first verse. Delicate and classical vocals of plead with lyrics ‘one day I’ll be part of something, a part of someone / given half the chance’ as the instrumentals of the track build to a climax as they lead up to the chorus before crashing into a harmonious melody of infectious rhythms and ever-impressive vocal pitches.

‘My heart holds a solar system / a solar system, but not at first glance’ defines the complex nature of love and relationships by drawing comparison to the intricate build up of a solar system. The track fades out once again to a piano instrumental accompanied by repeated lyrics ‘Everyone (everyone) / Falling in (falling in, falling in) / Falling out of love’ reinstating the complex emotions within.

Perhaps one of the most enticing things about ‘Solar System’, along with all of the previous released as part of the project, is that it is only available for free download until the end of the month of release. This means you have until the end of July to get your hands on the melodious track.


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