Savages – Silence Yourself

Let’s face it, British guitar music is in a sorry old state at the moment; either churning out bland buzz bands or unoriginal “lad”-magnets such a Palma Violets. They seem to evaporate as quickly as they arrive, back behind the counter of your local Top Shop; a jaded imitation of what has come before. Most of the real talent rarely makes the NME or mainstream radio, but it’s there if you’re actually prepared to look in the right places.

However, occasionally a band appears who justify the hype.  Savages don’t give a shit about all the nonsense that goes hand-in-hand with indie bands nowadays: “hilarious” photo shoots, vegan cookery features, style guides and other such nonsense. All they care about is the music, and with Silence Yourself they’ve produced the most exciting debut album by a British band in years.

Emerging at the beginning of 2012 and hand-picked by British Sea Power to support them for their debut gig, half of the London quartet are also member of John and Jehn. The thing about Savages’ music is that it means something. No, there are no life changing statements or some stupid left-wing bullshit. They produce honest music which blows 99% of bands out of the water.

Silence Yourself harks back to when music was good; when bands wanted to make music for the sheer love of it and not for 30 minutes talking with some clueless idiot like Nick Grimshaw. What the fuck is wrong with the world when pointless shit like Peace floods the airwaves?  Oh, you want tracks? Well, ‘Shut Up’ flushes your head down the toilet and makes you want to scream at the next chav you see in vintage clothing. ‘City’s Full’ will make you want to spit bile at the world whilst ‘Strife’ is nothing but trouble.

“No Face” pummels you into a dripping pulp whilst “Hit Me”, recorded live, is a clusterfuck of aggression. ‘Husbands’ takes you by the throat, pins you against a wall and tells you your mother doesn’t even love you. The album winds down like a jaded drunk shadow boxing at 4am; ‘Marshal Dear’ spluttering to a climax of weeping saxophone.

Savages are, put quite simply, the most exciting new band in the UK. Silence Yourself is not about individual tracks, it’s about a body of work which will blow you away.



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