RepoMen – Headlines EP

repomen | RepoMen   Headlines EPHeadlines EP is RepoMen’s latest exhibit of their hugely versatile and ever changing repertoire. The bands trademark chirpy 90‘s pop-rock style comes through at every opportunity throughout yet the band use their voice to edge a more political approach than their previous work. 

Title track, Headlines is definitely the most distinctive track opening with a bouncy keyboard riff that grabs the listeners attention right away. The simple yet effective lyrics then drag us through the verses as lead singer Denzil’s almost “Jarvis Cockeresque” tones help us in to an emphatic crescendo of a chorus. A chorus which is almost certain to be a crowd pleaser, one that would compel even the most skeptical of onlookers to toss their cap in joy.

The track “What We Do” really places RepoMen in their element – bouncy rhythms and catchy vocals – you really feel the band are having fun. However, lines such as “watching over me and their watching over you,” referring to the social ideology of the Big Brother state we currently live in and; “we keep the borders clean” really use this song as a platform to put across their political voice. Agree with their views or not though, this is a brilliantly catchy song and one that will leave you humming yourself to sleep at night.

“Flicker” is equally as catchy with high pitched backing vocals placing emphasis on the chorus and a guitar riff that really screams; “Sheffield music scene!” But this is not just a catchy pop song. Ending with a powerful breakdown, that features an eerie keyboard rhythm alongside heartfelt vocals this song really manages to take you on a musical journey ending with you floating 10 feet in the air on a brief wave of musical euphoria.

The one thing that lets this EP down however is final track “Feed Me” which to me has filler written all over it. I’m all for bands experimenting with sound and psychedelica but this song is really out of context with the other three songs. The only words I can really think to describe it are not ‘creative and original’ which is maybe what the band were aiming for, but more along the lines of unfinished and imperfect. Brushing this point aside however, the EP definitely deserves a listen and will certainly stay on my iPod playlist, for now at least.

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