The Rascels: This Is

This Is, as in ‘This Is The Rascels’, is the latest EP from the Nottingham band, giving a chance for the boys to introduce themselves to the world with their infectious energy and indulgent pop music.

The 6-track creation covers a variety of moods, bouncing from cheerful pop tunes to something darker, sexier, more feisty than the rest. The Rascels show that they’re capable of a variety of songs whilst remaining true to their pop/rock roots that McFly would be proud of.

If you’re a fan of shameless, almost cliché, pop music that echoes from the early 2000s, ‘My Summertime’ is the song for you. The Rascels have injected this song with so many colourful images and ideas that you’ll be wondering how they got away with it. The band are full of fun and ‘My Summertime’ shows us that they can write a decent pop song, too.

The next song on the EP is ‘Quiet Life’, a sweet song about taking a step back from the chaotic life of being a pop star and appreciating the people in your life. ‘I just wanna live the quiet life, where I can call you my wife / The world will be alright, ’cause I’ve got you’ tells us that romance is important to The Rascels and they know how to treat you right.

‘Get Up’ is the most passionate song on the EP as the boys turns up the attitude to get people dancing. You can feel the energy in their rough voices, the loud guitars and strong beat. This is a song for a party.

‘Kiss Me Like You Mean It’ and ‘Lovesick’ follow a similar pattern to ‘Get Up’, continuing the sexy, roughed-up, attitude with a harder edge. I imagine this EP will be popular with teenage girls across the country.

‘Georgia’ changes the pace with delicate piano notes accompanied with soft vocals; this is a love song in its most basic form and it’s full to the brim of cute metaphors and charming endearments. If you give these boys a chance they’ll cheer even the darkest of moods with their sincere words and cute smiles.

The artwork to This Is features The Rascels, Ollie, Ryan, Charlie and James, covered head to toe in all shades of fluorescent paint. From the first glance you know these boys are going to be fun; their personalities are brighter than the paint their wearing and their music follows the same rhythm.

If this is only the beginning, I can’t wait to see what else is planned for The Rascels.

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