Rae Morris: Unguarded (Universal)

They say good things come to those who wait, we’re talking roughly three years of cultivating something rather wonderful, Unguarded, the debut album from Rae Morris.

Filled with 12 tracks that wrap themselves around you from start to finish, Unguarded is well-crafted with beautiful melodies and lingering choruses. It’s an emotive album that swoops from choral ballads (Skin, For You, and Unguarded) to faster paced dance tracks (Closer, Love Again and Cold).

The narratives through each track see Morris dealing with the highs and lows of life alongside relationship woes not only the trials of love but those concepts of self-discovery. The intensity that could be derived from lyrics such as those from Don’t Go, ‘We keep on changing mile by mile and only exit is hard to find, and this time will go hand from hand’, are lifted in a delicate surround with a soundtrack that embraces the notion that everything will be all right. In essence Morris has grown up curating this album, and it shows with the approach to not only her song writing but the confidence and coherence shown in the album as a whole, as opposed to a collection of singles loosely cobbled together, due to a strong theme running through the album.

No doubt there will be many comparisons made with not only Morris’ vocals but also the stylisation of the album, it’s generally one for fans of acts such as London Grammar, Lana Del Ray, Chvrches and even First Aid Kit.

In summary, it’s a fantastic debut album that pleasurable throughout. It’s no way perfect, but it’s pretty close and with Rae Morris making the list for the BBC’s Sound of 2015, it’s time for Miss Morris to come out of the shadows.


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