Two tracks reviewed here from Polkadodge, a relatively new Sheffield four-piece already causing many murmurs of appreciation on the live circuit.

And I have to say, based on these tracks, the murmurs are justified. For a new band putting out their first demos this is remarkably accomplished work. ‘Borderline’ starts with a Smithsy bassline and soon turns into a driving alt-rock number with a rousing chorus, while ‘Catfish’ has a slight hint of Arctic Monkeys about it musically, especially round the solo, but with far rawer, bluesier feel throughout that rises it way above the laziness this comparison may suggest. Both are massive songs that you can’t imagine reaching their full potential until played outdoors, in the dark, to a rather massive crowd.

In fact these songs would, already in their current state, not sound of place blasting out of a car stereo – and perhaps it is this radio-friendliness which may put a few people off. If you only like your bands arty, oblique or difficult then this may not be for you, but if you want to hear a talented bunch of guys playing guitar-pop with a sound way too anthemic than anyone has any right to have achieved by these tender years as a band, then get your ears round this.

Polkadodge describe themselves a band with “big music and big ideas”, and I can’t disagree. One to keep an eye on, these lads.


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